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 Timesmart Filler Nozzles by Barnlife Solutions

Timesmart fillers have been designed and made in Australia by Barnlife Solutions with input of some of Australia’s biggest racing stables. Barnlife Solutions identified the huge amount wasted by staff simply filling water troughs in most racing stables. Timesmart filler nozzle has been designed so that it fits onto any shaped trough /bucket and flow is regulated by ball valve enabling staff to continue on with their daily tasks. Timesmart fillers are made of stainless steel we offer a lifetime warranty on (stainless nozzle only). Timesmart fillers can be used in any operation large or small ,indoor /outdoor .It’s all about being smarter with your time.


      Filler Nozzle Kit   

$132 inc GST + P/H $17.50

  • Time Saving- Troughs can take anywhere from 1-3 minutes per trough. What can you do in 3 minutes? Make up feeds ,Groom horse, Clean out box
  • Universal- Fits onto any shaped trough and bucket 
  • Lifetime Warranty- Our Stainless Nozzle is 100% made and manufactured in Australia and warranted for life
  • Used by  some of Australia’s biggest racing stables

Orders outside Australia, Please contact us for shipping cost

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What’s Included

Are Timesmart fillers beneficial in smaller operations ?

Timesmart fillers are beneficial in any situations ,from small pony-show type groups to our biggest racing stables .

If I have 20 horses ,how much time could it save over a week ?

If waters are cleaned & filled twice daily ,4 to 12 hours a week.

What size hose will it fit ?

 Standard garden hose (13mm)

What kind of warranty ?

Lifetime warranty on stainless nozzle only, depending on conditions & use the ball valve may have to be changed over time.

Assembly Instructions